Re: "Open containing folder" for all apps

Le mardi 10 mai 2011 à 19:13 +0100, Bastien Nocera a écrit :
> > So, what do you think?  The patches for apps should be pretty small, and
> > they really provide much better circulation within your files.
> And applications that can "send out" files, could also add a little menu
> item to send it out using nautilus-sendto (the API there being
> "nautilus-sendto filename"). Evolution, Totem, Rhythmbox and a number of
> others allow you to do that.
Couldn't there be a common menu in the Shell that would work like the
application menu, but for documents? I think it would be a real benefit
to know that in every app you use, you're able to perform common actions
on the opened file, without thinking "where's that button/menu again?
what app am I using?".

As a rough sketch, we have three items, the two latter being menus:
[Activities]    [Application name:]  [Document name]

The Document menu would only be shown when the current window exports
some hint about the document it's currently editing, e.g. by a X
property on the window, which would be made easy via a simple GTK+
function. (AFAIK Zeitgeit wouldn't work because it doesn't know about
the window, only about the application, which is needed for
multi-instance apps.)

Does that sound completely mad? ;-)


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