Re: "Open containing folder" for all apps

On Mon, 2011-05-09 at 18:29 -0500, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> Hi, all,
> Per André's request to post features for Gnome 3.2 - here goes.
> A while ago I blogged about the problem of lack of circulation in our
> files, and posted a patch for Evince:
> In summary, while one can go *down* in the file system hierarchy with
> Nautilus to open a file, one cannot go *up* from the opened file back
> into the file system (presumably to explore files that are "near" the
> one you had open).
> Firefox has an "Open in file manager" command for its downloads, which
> is pretty useful.  I find Evince's "Open containing folder" command
> invaluable when I'm organizing PDFs to drag them to a better place.
> I think all apps that let you open documents or files should let you
> browse back to the file in the file manager.

Agreed there.

> Akshay Gupta, in the CC for this mail, is my Summer of Code student who
> will be doing some things around file management, "Finding and
> Reminding" for gnome-shell, and such.  One of his tasks is to produce
> patches for a few apps so that they have an "Open in file manager"
> command.
> Nautilus now lets us do this properly:

You might as well point to the canonical bug for it, or the commit.

> So, what do you think?  The patches for apps should be pretty small, and
> they really provide much better circulation within your files.

And applications that can "send out" files, could also add a little menu
item to send it out using nautilus-sendto (the API there being
"nautilus-sendto filename"). Evolution, Totem, Rhythmbox and a number of
others allow you to do that.


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