Re: Help Wanted Installing jhbuild on LFS 6.8

Milan Bouchet-Valat wrote:
Le samedi 07 mai 2011 à 23:46 -0400, Jasper St. Pierre a écrit :
But this approach only goes so far: there's eventually going to be a
point where you'll need a newer polkit or networkmanager version, and
whoops, those need to run those as root.
That said, I think jhbuild is a convenient way of building and
installing GNOME and its deps to /usr. PolicyKit, NetworkManager and
friends can probably work if you install them as root. That can be
tricky, but that's LFS after all... ;-)

So to me your only problem (for now) is that --sysconfdir doesn't seem
to be taken into account by jhbuild. Maybe you should ping more clued-up
people about that, e.g. fpeters on #gnome-hackers (unless he answers

But isn't there a recommended way of building GNOME on LFS?


LFS does not address X or Gnome. Beyond LFS does. However, they do not have Gnome 3 covered only Gnome 2 (KDE 3 & 4). This is why I am looking at this method.

Maybe someone from Gnome project could make a similar reference? I would consider it myself if I knew how.

Thanks for your response.

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