Re: Help Wanted Installing jhbuild on LFS 6.8

You already did. jhbuild will install in whatever you specified as prefix.

The jhbuild instructions are for people who already have a proper gnome2 install and want to try out gnome3 easily safely: run a shell script, jhbuild build, jhbuild run gnome-shell --replace. There's no chance that accidentally overriding your gnome2 gnome-settings-daemon with a gnome3 one will break your install, because jhbuild doesn't touch your install. There's a lot of gnome-specific voodoo playing with environment variables, LD_PRELOAD hacks so that you have no chance of touching anything outside of your jhbuild prefix.

But this approach only goes so far: there's eventually going to be a point where you'll need a newer polkit or networkmanager version, and whoops, those need to run those as root.

I am unfamiliar iwth LFS: does it have a common packaging or build system?

On Sat, May 7, 2011 at 11:21 PM, bsquared <bwcode4u gmail com> wrote:
Jasper St. Pierre wrote:
jhbuild is not a general purpose build system for building gnome. It's
designed to sandbox a gnome setup and keep anything from interacting with
it... like a chroot, but more usable.

The prefix variable defines where things like "bin", "lib" and "etc" go.
Because of the sandbox aspect, setting your prefix to "/usr" really defeats
the whole point of the system... most people use a place in their userdir or
/opt/gnome3 or something. I use $HOME/Source/gnome3/install

jhbuild also has a bunch of hacks suited for gnome. Here, it's trying to
create $PREFIX/etc for a sandbox gconf configuration... and failing because
you don't have write access to "/usr" so it can create the directory.

OK. I think I get it now. jhbuild represents the clean build environment and toolchain like the tools directory for LFS.  I have adjusted my configuration to reflect this.

So, my question now is... How do I install after building?

Thanks for the information.

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