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I think leveraging dbus would be the way to do it but presented in a way similar to Android's intents/receiver system.

On May 8, 2011 5:30 PM, "Jasper St. Pierre" <jstpierre mecheye net> wrote:
> So... you're suggesting D-Bus?
> 2011/5/8 Erick Pérez <erick red gmail com>
>> Hi:
>> I hope the term for proposing stuff to Gnome 3.2 isn't over yet, It
>> took me a while to made my mind about this.
>> So here it goes:
>> What I think Gnome needs now:
>> A centralized, gnome controlled place for applications to
>> share/offers actions: I think this might me more easy to understand by
>> using examples.
>> Example 1:
>> I'm reading a pdf file in Evince, and I want to look for a
>> word
>> definition on Dictionary. Evince could look at this central place of
>> apps services, and send Dictionary a signal to look for the word
>> selected and show a window with the results.
>> Example 2:
>> I want jump list in Gnome, Gnome-Shell would look at this
>> place and
>> for every application in my favorite list would retrieve the suitable
>> actions for place in the jump list
>> Example 3: QuickLook apple-like, I'm looking for a file in nautilus,
>> and nautilus would look at this place for an app that can show me a
>> preview of this file-type and fire it.
>> I think I made my point.
>> There still some definitions left.
>> 0. More than anything, It would be necessary to define some verbs for
>> applications to use it to understand each others
>> 1. App could offers services based on file, clipboard content, etc.
>> 2. App could offers services based file type
>> 3. We should define a way for apps to get the results of and operation
>> back, no matters is a true or false, or a file packed, or something
>> else
>> 3. Gnome will need some way to manage the apps actions offered, and
>> some way to prevent ones and allows others
>> Finally, what I'm thinking of is something very alike to Contractor
>> elementary module
>> <
>> >
>> but I want something more general, not just file, but others stuff
>> too, not even sharing, but doing something for me, sending tweets,
>> cropping pictures, converting ebooks, etc. Giving the ability of
>> application to communicate each other is one step to make the Gnome
>> Desktop a more consistent and integrated ecosystem.
>> There's one thing to note, the underlying structure, the code bits,
>> are a lot ahead since dbus exist already and I can't think of a better
>> way to handle communication
>> Now: Which is the course from here.
>> I'm ready to collaborate programming or doing something else
>> Erick
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