Re: Gnome Feature Request

So... you're suggesting D-Bus?

2011/5/8 Erick Pérez <erick red gmail com>

I hope the term for proposing stuff to Gnome 3.2 isn't over yet, It
took me a while to made my mind about this.
So here it goes:

What I think Gnome needs now:
       A centralized, gnome controlled place for applications to
share/offers actions: I think this might me more easy to understand by
using examples.

       Example 1:
               I'm reading a pdf file in Evince, and I want to look for a word
definition on Dictionary. Evince could look at this central place of
apps services, and send Dictionary a signal to look for the word
selected and show a window with the results.
       Example 2:
               I want jump list in Gnome, Gnome-Shell would look at this place and
for every application in my favorite list would retrieve the suitable
actions for place in the jump list
       Example 3: QuickLook apple-like, I'm looking for a file in nautilus,
and nautilus would look at this place for an app that can show me a
preview of this file-type and fire it.

I think I made my point.
There still some definitions left.
0. More than anything, It would be necessary to define some verbs for
applications to use it to understand each others
1. App could offers services based on file, clipboard content, etc.
2. App could offers services based file type
3. We should define a way for apps to get the results of and operation
back, no matters is a true or false, or a file packed, or something
3. Gnome will need some way to manage the apps actions offered, and
some way to prevent ones and allows others

Finally, what I'm thinking of is something very alike to Contractor
elementary module
but I want something more general, not just file, but others stuff
too, not even sharing, but doing something for me, sending tweets,
cropping pictures, converting ebooks, etc. Giving the ability of
application to communicate each other is one step to make the Gnome
Desktop a more consistent and integrated ecosystem.
There's one thing to note, the underlying structure, the code bits,
are a lot ahead since dbus exist already and I can't think of a better
way to handle communication

Now: Which is the course from here.
I'm ready to collaborate programming or doing something else


El derecho de expresar nuestros pensamientos tiene algún significado
tan sólo si somos capaces de tener pensamientos propios.
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