Re: GNOME 3.2 ideas and plans

On Tue, 2011-03-22 at 20:05 +0000, Martyn Russell wrote:
> The only way I see Tracker/Grilo being different is if Grilo does 
> real-time searching with no caching of the results it gets. For web 
> based services, this isn't going to be fast or responsive as using 
> cached data. You also can't perform fast, complex queries that way 
> (which modern apps and embedded platforms want these days).

Actually, the only caching support in Grilo is the one provided by the
libsoup when getting the results. At the moment, there is no any other
kind of caching.

I do not see them very different. In fact, Grilo can (and it is) use
Tracker as a source of content, or the other way around: Tracker could
use Grilo to mine the content.


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