Re: Using .tar.xz only on (was: install-module / /

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 01:42:01PM +0000, Ghee Teo wrote:
> On 21/03/2011 12:29, Olav Vitters wrote:
> >I'd like to
> >understand what the impact would be. So, whom would it affect (what kind
> >of groups: users/developers/OS team/something else)?
> There are 2 aspect of these I can see at least:
> Internal usage:

Internal as in Oracle?

> External users:


> [1]

Checked this, seems not all spec files use bz2. Some still use gz.

> >Any timeline on
> >when .xz format would be able to be unpacked on Solaris?
> There is an internal bug being tracked for this. The latest indicator
> that it will be in for the next Solaris release. However, if anyone
> who want to build anything for Solaris 10 (which was shipped 7 years
> ago) will not be able to since xz is unlikely to be back ported for
> that release.

Ok, then there should be some transition period between .gz+.bz2 -> .xz.
Perhaps with .bz2+.xz as an intermediate option.

> What are the tarball module for gnome-shell 3.1.0 include?
> If these do not include majority of the GNOME 2.x, it may reduce the
> problem scope significantly.

gnome-shell is just one tarball/module. Could you expand on what you
mean with GNOME 2.x? There will not be any stable releases for GNOME
2.x, so I am not sure what you're asking for.
Maybe you mean new software releases which could still compile against
GNOME 2.x?

To be clear: All *existing* files on will work. So nothing
which refers to current versions would break. It only concerns new


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