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On 22/03/2011 13:05, Olav Vitters wrote:
On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 01:42:01PM +0000, Ghee Teo wrote:
On 21/03/2011 12:29, Olav Vitters wrote:
I'd like to
understand what the impact would be. So, whom would it affect (what kind
of groups: users/developers/OS team/something else)?
There are 2 aspect of these I can see at least:
Internal usage:
Internal as in Oracle?
Any timeline on
when .xz format would be able to be unpacked on Solaris?
There is an internal bug being tracked for this. The latest indicator
that it will be in for the next Solaris release. However, if anyone
who want to build anything for Solaris 10 (which was shipped 7 years
ago) will not be able to since xz is unlikely to be back ported for
that release.
Ok, then there should be some transition period between .gz+.bz2 ->  .xz.
Perhaps with .bz2+.xz as an intermediate option.
Yes. I think this should very good. This solves my concern really :)
What are the tarball module for gnome-shell 3.1.0 include?
If these do not include majority of the GNOME 2.x, it may reduce the
problem scope significantly.
gnome-shell is just one tarball/module. Could you expand on what you
mean with GNOME 2.x? There will not be any stable releases for GNOME
2.x, so I am not sure what you're asking for.
My understanding that going forwards, the plan is just to have .xz.
My concern is that the version of glib2 and upwards used for GNOME 3.x
are still available in .gz2 until we have .xz by default. Due to Sun Ray
requirements, we are still investigating how we can adopt gnome-shell
in that particular environment.

Thanks again for addressing our concerns.
I will try to post back when we have xz in Solaris.

Maybe you mean new software releases which could still compile against
GNOME 2.x?

To be clear: All *existing* files on will work. So nothing
which refers to current versions would break. It only concerns new

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