Re: Formal complaint concerning the use of the name "System Settings" by GNOME

On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 07:44:54AM +0200, Jos Poortvliet wrote:
> Each desktop team should stop picking such generic names. gnome-terminal 
> is fine, so is Konsole. Terminal should probably be renamed. 
> NetworkManager is a braindead name, System Settings implies far more 
> than it accomplishes (it can't handle much 'system settings') so it 
> doesn't seem very smart either.

gnome-terminal is called gnome-terminal. Just not in the menu. In the
menu we give it an understandable name and limit it to GNOME only. This
is not going to change.

The debate about things like baobab or 'Disk Usage Analyzer' was held
within GNOME a long time ago. There was a general consensus that we
don't want to show the actual name except in Help->About. Everything
else (menu, window title, etc) uses something which is understandable.
Meaning 'Disk Usage Analyzer' and 'Terminal'.

> Shaun's proposal is a work-around which would probably be 'good enough' 
> but the root cause is that all DE teams try to create their own little 
> world, going "LALALA I DON'T SEE YOU" about the rest of the world.

Care is taken not to cause confusion when using another desktop
(NotShowIn + OnlyShowIn). For things part of GNOME Core, we will keep on
using understandable names.

I can understand that some people want to have a mix and match of e.g.
core applications. They're free to do so and nothing is done to prevent
that (though it might take a small amount of effort).

Further I can also understand that some people prefer so see
gnome-terminal and konsole in the menu.

However, that is not our goal. We want something simple. For everything
part of GNOME Core we have say what it does instead of putting the git
module name in the menu.

For gnome-control-center specifically, it should pretty much configure
everything in the OS. Same for the KDE one. Furthermore, working
together on ensuring things are handled in a consistent way across all
desktops is something that we has been worked upon by various people
across various desktops for many years. Probably some things
can/could've been done better, but let's just continue working together.

For menu entries: we'll keep using 'Terminal', 'Disk Usage Analyser',
etc (+NotShowIn/OnlyShowIn of course).
Olav (speaking as a release-team member)

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