Re: Formal complaint concerning the use of the name "System Settings" by GNOME

Il giorno lun, 25/07/2011 alle 12.56 +0200, Markus Slopianka ha scritto:
> > Which settings don't they follow? Apart from theme (as there is no gtk3
> > engine written in Qt yet)
> Why do theme engines have to be written for Qt in order to let GTK apps at least integrate 
> visually into a Qt environment. There should be a Qt theme loader in GTK just as there is 
> a GTK theme loader in Qt.

Well, I think that an hypothetical KDE-looking GTK theme would use Qt
calls to paint widget, same as the GNOME-looking Qt theme paints using

> Well, other than that: GNOME/GTK apps don't integrate with the Notifications panel, File 
> Type Associations, Icon theme, CDDB config (for media players or CD rippers), ...

Gtk apps normally use either libnotify, libappindicator or GtkStatusIcon
(systray protocol). All of them are supported by KDE, AFAIK.
File type associations are from xdg-mime/shared-mime-info, and should be
shared by all freedesktop toolkits.
Icon theme is taken from XSettings, you just need to export it, like
Xfce and Lxde do.
As for CDDB config, I don't think GNOME as something shared across the
desktop for that.


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