Re: Re: Formal complaint concerning the use of the name "System Settings" by GNOME

On Sunday 24 July 2011 14:12:21 Aurélien Gâteau wrote:
> If there is no need for KDE System Settings on a Gnome desktop, then
> adding a OnlyShowIn=KDE; key to the desktop file would be appropriate.
> If on the other hand there is a need for KDE System Settings on a Gnome
> desktop, then Shaun solution is correct IMO and we should start to think
> about adding support for OnlyShowIn to KCM desktop files, because it
> makes no sense for example to be able to define Plasma Desktop wallpaper
> when running on Gnome.
Technically seen systemsettings lives in kde-workspace which means it is only relevant to
the KDE Plasma Workspaces. Non Workspace applications should not depend on its
availability and if they require it, I would consider this as an application bug. E.g. the
mentioned kinfocenter is a Workspace app.

Kcmshell on the other hand, which is required to run a single KCM, lives in kde-runtime and all
KDE applications can rely on it being around. So an application having an external KCM can
even be configured if systemsettings is not around. E.g. fonts can be configured using
kcmshell4 fonts
even without systemsettings.

Given that, I agree with Aurélien that the most appropriate solution is to not show our KDE
Plasma systemsettings in a non Plasma environment (with the exception of Microsoft

I find this whole discussion rather depressing, especially the fact that it ended up on
Slashdot&Co. Let's try to take something out of it and try in future to discuss such points
each other before possible harm is done. This of course applies to both KDE and GNOME
developers :-)

Martin Gräßlin

KWin Maintainer

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