Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

On Tue, Jan 04, 2011 at 08:58:26PM +0100, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> The solution would have been to provide a fallback mode for GNOME-Shell, which 
> allows it to run with any WM. AFAIR it was rejected because of architectual 
> reason, which if you ask me don't make sense, as the stack below is still the 
> same (kernel, x11, gtk, clutter).

I don't see why gnome-shell must make it possible to run another window
manager. Ideally it should, but it doesn't. And that would still not be
a fallback. It would not be GNOME anymore.

Current fallback is gnome-panel and maybe if someones hacks on it
gnome-applets as well. But ideally the software rendering bits would
make the fallback not required.

Then GNOME 3 is just gnome-shell (fallback being a slower experience).
People wanting to run gnome-panel and gnome-applets on the GNOME 3.x
platform would be free to do so, but on an as-is basis (gnome-panel
hasn't gotten much attention during last releases.. 99% sure the
maintainer fully agrees with that).

> But as some have unvealed today, it's not the real reason, marketing is the 
> magic word and to provide a desktop "made from one", and some other less valid 
> reasons (eg.: even if you allow modularization you can provide great user-
> experience as modifications made by the user bother him/her not you).

You're misinterpreting the answers given to you. So to state it again:
1. Marketing is not the reason.
   I stated marketing, as to explain we focus on gnome-shell, not on
   gnome-applets. I don't see anything wrong with saying we focus on
2. Integration has made things quicker to develop
3. Not integrating within the window manager has been considered and has
   been discussed, various times
   See gnome-shell mailing list archives. Decision was NOT taken
   lightly. I forgot the many reasons why it wasn't easy, but it is all
   available for anyone who really cares in the gnome-shell mailing


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