Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

On Di, 04.01.2011 12:13, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:

>I'm also a maintainer

As it puts your posts into context, you could have mentioned that
you're actually the maintainer of Sawfish. In all of your posts in this
thread, I don't hear a concerned user, but an annoyed WM developer,
angry that the GNOME Shell doesn't work with his "baby".

That also explains why your perception of the amount of users who want
to replace their WM differs from others. I'm absolutely sure that you,
as Sawfish maintainer, know a lot of users of Sawfish and other 3rd
party WMs. I doubt that you're representative for the general GNOME
user base, though.

Non-IT users don't know what a WM is. They don't want to know, and if
they need to know what it is and how to replace it, something is
broken in the first place, and work should be spent on fixing
the problems instead of abstracting them.


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