Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

On Tuesday 04 January 2011 12:41:39 you wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-01-04 at 10:36 +0100, Johannes Schmid wrote:
> > Hi Christopher!
> > 
> > > Besides... did modularity ever enslave a GNOME developer? Never. I
> > > expected more than a statement like that.
> > 
> > This modularity prevents to create a solid user experience in various
> > ways because everything needs to be compatible with random components
> > that cannot even be tested properly.
> It also makes high-quality, cutting-edge design extremely difficult (if
> not impossible). Besides if the design doesn't Just Work, then we've
> failed anyway: 99% of users will never customise their panel, let alone
> change WM.
> Also, remember that GNOME Shell has a bunch of design requirements that
> weren't made of the GNOME 2 desktop: an expanded range of target
> hardware (netbooks, tablets, etc), embedded messaging, more nuanced and
> stylish visuals. You can't fulfill all of these new requirements *and*
> cater to all the old ones too. The game has changed, and switching WM or
> a UI for panel customisation doesn't fit into that new game.
> There will undoubtedly be GNOME 3 users who miss the ability to switch
> their window manager or rearrange their panels. I'm sure that nobody
> involved with GNOME 3 wants to alienate them. Let's be clear to those
> users: we want you to use GNOME 3, and we're sorry that you'll miss some
> of the things you've got used to in GNOME 2. But times have changed, and
> we want GNOME to be a competitive mass market product. There really
> wasn't much of a choice. Even if you do miss some things about GNOME 2,
> though, we still think that GNOME 3 has enough exciting new features to
> make it worth the switch.
> Besides, GNOME Shell actually has some pretty advanced features for
> those who want to tinker. Theming seems to be pretty easy, and Shell
> plugins can do exciting things. It's just that that side of things
> hasn't got going yet.
> Allan

Well... finally the long awaited mail, which clearifies the point of view 
without using "because we decided so" & Co.

I already told Johannes what I  think about that 99% statement.
Either way still one question remain:

Assume this:
- "Power-User"
- using Compiz/Sawfish/Whatever
- wants to use Compiz/Sawfish/Whatever with GNOME-Shell as he likes both

What now? You said that you would like them to stay at GNOMEs, but how do you 
want to achieve that? (that's a serious question!).

Especially since other WMs in other setups than the "default" might beat 
Mutter easily and therefore the latter won't be a suitable choice.

Well GNOME2 did allow that, while GNOME3 doesn't. Of course lots of users 
don't care about the WM, but definitively not 99%. OK. There's the fallback 
mode, but that doesn't fit the above case.

I know what I'm free to do (forking, switching etc), but the much more 
important thing is staying.


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