Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

> I don't see gnome-applets as part of GNOME 3. But it doesn't mean we
> cannot ship gnome-applets 3.x.
> GNOME 3 is about gnome-shell. Gnome-applets will always be a fallback. A
> fallback which includes gnome-applets would be nice. But it is a
> still fallback.
> So the statement: gnome 3 is not going to include them is wrong. I
> already mentioned I expect a gnome-applets 3.x during GNOME 3.2
> timeframe. However, officially it will stay as a fallback.
> Meaning: If you want to develop something for GNOME 3, it should be an
> extension to gnome-shell, not an applet.

This is an important point, and I totally agree. To users, GNOME 3
should be GNOME Shell. Correspondingly, GNOME panel will need to be
communicated as the GNOME 2 (or fallback) interface.

GNOME Shell will be the thing that is most different to users, and GNOME
Shell + the default GNOME 3 wallpaper will be a big part of our visual
identity, which will be crucial for marketing. Though there will be 3.x
releases of gnome-panel and friends, we need to be very clear that they
are not part of the GNOME 3 experience.

Basically, we need to distinguish between GNOME 3 as a UI and GNOME 3.x
as a release series. Which is what Olav was saying originally, of
course. :)

As an aside: I'd just like to say that I agree with what Emmanuelle,
Johannes and Olav have been saying on this list in the past few days.
There's been a lot of negative energy around here recently. Change is
difficult. Change in the open is even more difficult. But let's not
forget everything that we've achieved, and let's look forward to what
*is* going to be a great release.

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