Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

> Assume this:
> - "Power-User"
> - using Compiz/Sawfish/Whatever
> - wants to use Compiz/Sawfish/Whatever with GNOME-Shell as he likes both
> What now? You said that you would like them to stay at GNOMEs, but how do you 
> want to achieve that? (that's a serious question!).

By making GNOME 3 the best desktop out there, and by providing other customisation options for those who like to tinker.

> Especially since other WMs in other setups than the "default" might beat 
> Mutter easily and therefore the latter won't be a suitable choice.
> Well GNOME2 did allow that, while GNOME3 doesn't.

No, you can't change the WM in GNOME 3, but it will make up for that by
being better than GNOME 2 in many, many ways:

 * beautiful visuals and animations
 * built-in messaging
 * refined, elegant interaction model
 * graphical window switching
 * visual simplicity and lack of clutter
 * overview search allows super fast keyboard-only app launching and
switching, opening locations, etc
 * no horrible nested menus for application launching
 * snazzy tiled windows
 * effective use of hot-corners (muscle memory FTW!)
 * enhanced workspaces UI
 * notifications which are both subtle and persistent
 * compatible with touch screens and a range of form factors
 * simplified and easy to understand system settings
 * cool (still to be utilised) possibilities for customisation
 * and many really awesome enhancements as 3.x progresses

So you can choose that, or you can choose to stick with GNOME 2, or you
can even choose some other DE. I personally think you should choose
GNOME 3, because I think it will be superior to everything else that's
out there, and because I want both existing and new users to enjoy using
GNOME. But it's your choice. I'm sorry if that's a tough choice for you,
but I honestly think that this path is inevitable if GNOME is to have
genuine mass appeal.

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