Re: Confused about the release

On Tue, 2011-08-30 at 15:24 -0400, Shaun McCance wrote:

> I noticed that we have Contacts, Documents, and Sushi in the
> apps moduleset.

gnome-documents worries me because of its dependency on Tracker.

As far as I can tell, g-d is linked from - to - which are just factual or
planning pages, not discussion pages.  (FindingAndReminding is even
marked "obsolete"! - what about the sublinks to Document-Centric Gnome?)

With the inclusion of gnome-documents, we are validating Tracker as
*the* metadata store for Gnome.

Tracker has many implications, and I would like to see a good discussion
of whether it is the right thing for Gnome.

Some starting points:

- How is an existing $HOME handled?

- What kind of maintenance needs to be done on the database?

- Are we storing full-text indexes in the same database?

- Are we storing non-metadata (e.g. contacts) in the database?

- How do we handle metadata movement when files move around?

- Is Tracker well-maintained now that Nokia is switching to something
else?  (I'm not sure if this is the right question, but something along
those lines.)


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