Re: Confused about the release

Hi Shaun,

> The lack of module discussions overall is making it difficult
> for me to keep track of what the docs team needs to work on.
> I used to be able to send a documentation status report for
> each module before the decisions were made. Now it just seems
> like a black box.

Sorry about that, it's definitely a change in how we approach the
releases and things are far from perfect and still need to be
adjusted, for example there have been discussions (remember the
"feature proposal: backup" and how it turned in a "external gnome
control center panels" thread) but they were not systematic, and more
importantly, they were not followed by a formal decision by the
release team.

This is also because there were numerous changes in the release team,
and time had to be dedicated to get the new members to know about the
technicalities of our release processes, with less time to use on the
human/community processes :/

Anyway we're late, and I'll ask you for two more days of patience, so
that we have the time to meet and give you a proper answer on the
practical questions you have; and we will make sure this gets improved
in the future.


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