Confused about the release

The new release sets and release process just confuses me.
We used to have a bunch of (too) lengthy discussions, and
then the release team would give the yay or nea on each
module. Based on that, the documentation team would decide
what gets documented where.

Now we propose features or something. Except I haven't seen
feature discussions on d-d-l, and I haven't seen release team
decisions about features. And in the end, I need to know not
just that a feature is OK'd, but exactly which modules come
together to implement it.

I noticed that we have Contacts, Documents, and Sushi in the
apps moduleset. If shipped, all of these are just core parts
of the desktop experience, so I want to document them in the
desktop help. But I'm wary of doing that for modules in apps.

The lack of module discussions overall is making it difficult
for me to keep track of what the docs team needs to work on.
I used to be able to send a documentation status report for
each module before the decisions were made. Now it just seems
like a black box.


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