releasing gtk-doc 1.18


I'd like to make a gtk-doc 1.18 release by the end of the week. Please test git head against your project. Current relnotes below. There are two bugs that need a solution still: and the one below.


 o gtk-doc supports a subset of markdown (headings and lists) - see
 o gtk-doc does not generate old devhelp files any more. This cuts down doc
   generation time and works for devhelp >=0.11 (was released in 2005).
 o changes for out-of-source dir build caused breakage for projects using
   DOC_SOURCE_DIR with a relative path (to builddir). It is recommended to use


 o 657377 : srcdir!=builddir builds discard contents of tmpl
 o 650407 : Buildings docs while distchecking produces thousands of “No declaration found” warnings, then fails.
 o 649269 : gtkdoc-scanobj should set some of its own CFLAGS/LDFLAGS
 o 590927 : Support AM_SILENT_RULES for doc-build steps
 o 639145 : shorthand syntax for headings
 o 644291 : Enum parser breaks on assignment of ')'
 o 646870 : HTML_IMAGES no longer in EXTRA_DIST
 o 648289 : gtkdoc-mkdb doesn't compile.
 o 648331 : Specify compatible options for 'highlight' consistently.
 o 652764 : Update autotools config a bit
 o 655711 : summarize depscan output by package
 o 656453 : Performance improvements (PATCH)
 o 656658 : gtk-doc.make: install target doesn't install docs when building in a separate directory
 o 656773 : gtk-doc fails to find a symbol declared as 'char* const'
 o 656946 : gtk-doc unable to handle 'extern short int'

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