3.2 Release Notes time - Help needed!

Hi everybody,

it's time to start preparing the 3.2 release notes to tell our users,
developers and press what's hot and new in the next GNOME release!

This means: We need YOUR help!

What new features does your application have? 
What important bug fixes? 
What accessibility improvements do we have? 
Which modules have switched to topic-based (Mallard) user documentation
in the last six months? 
What are the new things developers need to know about GNOME's
development platform?
What hasn't been done for 3.2 but is on your list for 3.4? (section
"Plans for the next release")

Please take two minutes and add your news to
so we can tell the world!
Linking to screenshots or descriptive blog posts is also welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help!

mailto:ak-47 gmx net | failed
http://blogs.gnome.org/aklapper | http://www.openismus.com

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