Re: Orca's external dependencies

Hi Fred.

> We are moving away of the idea of approving/rejecting individual
> modules and considering the features we want in GNOME. In that
> direction we'd say that whatever is needed for Orca to do its work
> is ok. Of course this calls for some common sense, to keep some
> coherence in our stack, but in the specific case of Orca we are not
> adding liblouis to our development platform, it just happens to be a
> library that is used to provide Orca users an important feature.
> But we want to have some guidelines, they are still to be discussed,
> but the current proposal for modules developed outside of GNOME, and
> with no consideration for our schedule, to require modules to depend
> on released versions only.
> Does this answer your question clearly enough?

I believe so. To be sure, my interpretation is the following:

Orca can (continue to) have a functional dependency on speechdispatcher,
brltty, and liblouis as long as those dependencies are upon current
stable releases of those modules. Furthermore, I should not worry about
the fact that these three external modules do not appear on the official
list of dependencies.

If my understanding is correct, then it's all good.

Thanks much! Take care.

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