General Observation in Gnome3/Fedora 15 beta


I am new to the list, and here's hoping that this is the right place for these comments, for I certainly don't want anyone laughing at me behind my back(!). ;-)

I have had the opportunity to use Gnome 3 for an extended period of time and would like to offer the following objective comments as feedback:

The live Fedora 15 .iso available from Gnome seems to behave slightly differently than Fedora's own 15 beta with the Gnome Shell. The left-hand panel/dock is present at all times with the Gnome .iso, but not with Fedora's. Odd . . . the panel, in my opinion, should always be visible. Apparently, Fedora has changed this?

Regarding shut-down, might I suggest a shut-down/re-start/log-off "button" on the far right end of the top panel as in Ubuntu's Unity/Gnome. At present, unless I'm missing something, shutting-down or re-starting requires 2 (3?) steps: selecting "log-off" from the pull-down menu, confirm, and then the above mentioned commands appear.

A sincere thank you to the developers for all of your efforts; Gnome3 shows great promise, and is already very good in a first-out 3.0 version.

Mark W. Gardner

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