Re: 3.2: gjs/seed

On 04/20/2011 07:12 PM, Colin Walters wrote:
> 4) While I know some GNOME contributors here don't like Mozilla, in
> the big picture their mission and culture is *MUCH* more aligned with
> ours than Apple, at least


    (a) WebKit is probably the least Apple-like thing that Apple does
    (b) It is heavily driven by Google as well, and while that may not
        be a whole lot better culture-wise, it means that:
    (c) WebKit's mission is more or less the *intersection* of Apple's
        and Google's missions, which often (though not always) ends up
        being pretty close to Mozilla's mission ("the open web").

> Even tougher would be unwinding the Spidermonkey let/const and
> generator usage inside gnome-shell, but we dug the hole, we can dig it
> out.

The flip side of this is that if we fall back to stock javascript, we
can start using jslint.

> One thing that's worth addressing though (again) is the question "do
> we need both Python and JavaScript?".  The uptake of both seed and gjs
> has been relatively low; lower than Python at least for scripting
> GNOME apps.

This is at least in part because of the gjs-vs-seed confusion, and in
part because the-GNOME-platform-via-gobject-introspection is still not
as full-featured as the various python libraries, although it's getting
better (as g-i improves, and as libraries improve their bindability).

-- Dan

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