Re: Call to maintainers: GNOME 2.31 to ship GTK 2.90

Le lundi 14 juin 2010 à 10:43 +0200, Rodrigo Moya a écrit :
> seems the situation has changed, and GTK3 will be available in Universe,
> but not on the CD, and all apps are going to be linked against GTK2
But is it very likely that Ubuntu CD will contain applications that
still require GTK+2?

If you have a look at the list published recently by Andre, it seems
we're pretty close to the goal:

And Ubuntu default packages aren't that esoteric, are they? It seems to
me that fixing the few apps that still depend on GTK+2 would be less
work than backporting features to 2.22 and cherry-picking change for
modules that couldn't enter 10.10 because they require GTK+3.

I mean: as an Ubuntu user and contributor, I'm tired of seeing that this
distribution is considering itself as pure downstream, and would rather
patch all they can rather than spend this effort helping the move in
GNOME itself.


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