Re: Modulesets Reorganization

> > 2. The much touted homogeneity and consistent quality of GNOME is
> > (imho) largely a thing of the past. There have been no organized UI
> > reviews of new modules in a long time, the HIG has not been updated to
> > match the UIs we see in current applications.
> Something we should fix? I think so!


Quite a bit of work was done on reviewing Deja Dup's UI after it applied
for module inclusion [1]. That review wasn't 'organised' as such, and it
wasn't particularly integrated into the module inclusion process (my
bad), but it did happen. We can work to develop that side of things if
that's what people want to do.

As for the HIG [2], I'm confident that we will have a substantial
portion of it finished for 3.0.



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