Re: Modulesets Reorganization nightmare...
...crush all these efforts...

I understand that change is uncomfortable and incites fear, but can we
please lay off the melodramatic voice here ?

There's three basic facts that lead us to this proposal:

1. We have an ever-growing set of modules and a constantly expanding
set of external dependencies. It is basically impossible to get a
complete jhbuild tree built at any given time.

2. The much touted homogeneity and consistent quality of GNOME is
(imho) largely a thing of the past. There have been no organized UI
reviews of new modules in a long time, the HIG has not been updated to
match the UIs we see in current applications.

3. The release team is not growing (in fact, several members have
already announced their plans to step down after 3.0)

For things to be different and better in GNOME3, we need a shared
vision that applications can strive to follow - where is the updated
HIG for GNOME3 ? Where is the roadmap that leads us beyond the next 6
month release cycle ?

And we need people to step up and work on this shared vision. Where
are the new release team members ? Where are the people who are
willing to update the HIG and do UI reviews to make it take effect ?

Sorry if this sounded negative...

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