Re: Module proposal: dconf

> Matthias and I are currently making good progress at getting GVariant
> reviewed.  Some parts of it are already ready to go.  I have no reason
> to believe that progress won't continue to be made and I'm currently of
> the mindset that it will make it in time for this cycle.

I think we should continue on with getting gvariant landed in glib
2.23.x (the first part will be included in a release later today, and
the rest should not take longer than a couple of weeks, at this
point). That obviously means that glib is badly missing the 2.30 api
freeze, but I don't see a good alternative to getting most things in
place in time for the 2.31 cycle.

Since nothing is using gvariant at this point, it is not huge risk,
and the rest of glib should be pretty much settled at this point.
There is a number of interesting/scary changes in glib this cycle:

- we turn on threading by default in gobject
- gio modules are loaded lazily

but this will all be completed in the release that I am doing later
today.  Let me know if you consider this acceptable.

> David told me that he's currently busy with other day job work and is
> having trouble finding time for GDBus.

Yes, getting GDBus done will be a struggle. It is clearly not going to
happen in the 2.23 cycle, at this point, since David, Alex and myself
are all busy with other things.


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