Re: [Usability] Announce - GNOME 3 Usability Hackfest (London, Feb 22-26, 2010)


I can suggest Thursday 4pm, how much time would you need for the Wookie

It would be good if people planning on attending the Usability hackfest
could give some indication about whether some of these Dev8D events are
of interest.  It would obviously be easier to coordinate if we had a
clearer idea of the degree of actual interest.

Also I understand that you would like a person(s) from dev8D to attend
some of Hackfest, is that right? Would one day be enough? Mia Ridge is
interested in usability I was thinking of asking her, David?

I would think it mostly depends on how much interest the person has in
participating in GNOME usability discussions.

I would think one day should be enough just to discuss collaboration
opportunities and to ensure that we properly coordinate together.
However, I don't think it would be a problem to spend more time if
the person has a particular interest in contributing more.

I think it would be best if the representative could attend the first
day of the GNOME Usability hackfest on Monday, February 22nd.  This
should help to ensure that we give as much time for planning as

They could report back on the Saturday at Dev8D (27th)

Sounds good.


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