Re: Module proposal: dconf

Am Montag, den 12.10.2009, 11:27 -0400 schrieb Ryan Lortie:
> The main technical blocker on the inclusion of dconf is that it relies
> on a branch of glib that has not yet been merged to master.  We have had
> a discussion at Boston Summit two days ago between myself, Matthias
> Clasen and David Zeuthen and we have agreed on the "way forward" for
> dealing with all of the GVariant/DBus related issues in GLib that
> involves the merging of the required patches to glib.  Hopefully this
> happens in the coming weeks.

Currently the (challening) plan is to move completely from gconf to
dconf in the 2.31 cycle.

If I get it right (probably not, so feel free to correct me), this
requires GDbus, GVariant and GSettings to be included in a glib release
that should happen before GNOME 2.30 release in March.

According to both GDbus and GVariant
branches are currently awaiting a review. Also, there is a GSettings
branch at but I don't
know its status.

Any updates?
Is it still realistic to get these requirements in very soon as a
preparation for the dconf move in 2.31? Or can we bury the dconf plan
for GNOME 3 because there's not much progress in glib?

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