Re: Module proposal: dconf

Hi Andre

On Thu, 2010-01-21 at 14:24 +0100, Andre Klapper wrote:
> Currently the (challening) plan is to move completely from gconf to
> dconf in the 2.31 cycle.
> If I get it right (probably not, so feel free to correct me), this
> requires GDbus, GVariant and GSettings to be included in a glib
> release that should happen before GNOME 2.30 release in March.
> Is it still realistic to get these requirements in very soon as a
> preparation for the dconf move in 2.31? Or can we bury the dconf plan
> for GNOME 3 because there's not much progress in glib?

Matthias and I are currently making good progress at getting GVariant
reviewed.  Some parts of it are already ready to go.  I have no reason
to believe that progress won't continue to be made and I'm currently of
the mindset that it will make it in time for this cycle.

David told me that he's currently busy with other day job work and is
having trouble finding time for GDBus.  That's a shame, because I wanted
to use GDBus for dconf, but I can probably survive without it.  I'll let
David speak to the likelihood of its inclusion this cycle, though.

GSettings obviously goes into glib *after* GVariant.  It's a much
smaller API compared to GVariant so I assume it will take far less time
to review.  Even so, at this point, I'm no longer sure that it will make
it this time around.

If it doesn't, it would be possible to roll a standalone GSettings
tarball.  That would likely preclude its use in GTK, for example, but
would provide a good way to get apps ported before 3.0 (by which time I
assume we'll have had another glib release that *will* include


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