Re: GNOME 2.30 and udisks (the module formerly known as DeviceKit-disk)

2010/1/20 Luca Ferretti <elle uca libero it>:
>      * what about PolicyKit-power?

You probably mean DeviceKit-power. :-)

Well, in git master we've already changed the dbus interface name and
a lot of internal symbols. I intend to do some more renaming and
porting in the next few days, but with the intention of keeping the
old devkit library (that things like gdm, g-s-d and others are using)
API and ABI stable, and introducing a new library, libupower which
uses the right names. By shipping both versions of the library we can
wait for distros to pull new DeviceKit-power packages and then we can
switch over users of the library to using libupower in their own time.

I'll then propose to bump the external dep of DeviceKit-power in GNOME
to the new version, and then we can go on converting packages (g-s-d
etc) in git master.

When enough time has passed (one cycle?) we can nuke the old devkit library.

The next release of DeviceKit-power will still be called
DeviceKit-power-$version, but the subsequent releases will be
upower-$version, which can just obsolete DK-p as the new project
provides the old library. I'll do this slowly to ensure the distros
have as little pain as possible.


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