Re: GNOME 2.30 and udisks (the module formerly known as DeviceKit-disk)

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 5:50 PM, David Zeuthen <david fubar dk> wrote:

> As announced elsewhere, udisks is simply DeviceKit-disks with a name
> change. FYI, there will be a udisks 1.0.0 release in time for
> gnome-disk-utility 2.30 - until then, people can use git master or
> recent distros like Rawhide or whatever. Also, GVfs master still works
> with gnome-disk-utility 2.28 if you don't want any of the new stuff yet.

David, any chance to bless a git snapshot as udisks-0.99 so that we
have something to keep the processes greased until 1.0.0 ?

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