Re: GNOME 3 cleanup status update

>  - what is the status of pygi (and introspection in general) with regard
> to portability to Windows

I did some hacking on getting gobject-introspection to build for
Windows one weekend, and I did get it to build, and I think "make
check" even passed mostly, but no idea whether it actually works that
well. The code in there is quite convoluted, and I am not a Python
person. The handling of libraries/shared object/libtool archives is of
course quite different on Windows than on ELF-based systems, with the
separation between DLL and import library concepts. I guess I should
get back to that some day and submit a proper diff..

As for the Python conneciton, no idea at all.

In general I have the feeling that the GTK+ stack on Windows is on a
downward slope. Each new release introduces new stuff that never gets
fully implemented/tested for Windows, like the client-side windows.
Note that I am not blaming anybody, not even myself, just stating the
obvious. It might well be that GTK+ 2.16 and GLib 2.20 was the most
"usable" combination there will be, until somebody gets the
inspiration / resources to dig into it.


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