Re: XDG StatusNotifier Specification: Feedback Invited

On Wed, 2010-01-13 at 13:52 -0600, Ted Gould wrote:
> To make it simple to use for application developers we've built a small 
> library called libappindicator [1] that makes it pretty easy to create 
> and manage the icon and the menu an we've documented how to use it 
> [2].  Hopefully this will become part of GTK/GNOME in the future, but 
> obviously it won't be in the 2.30 cycle.  It will provide things like 
> transparent fallback to GtkStatusIcon for support of people who choose 
> not to run the applet (and have a notification area one).
Ok so if it won't be on 2.30 it will be done for 3.0 ? Why should module
maintainers use this library if it isn't on GNOME infrastructure or even
blessed ?
I like the idea but so far it seems to me more a downstream development
than upstream.


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