Re: XDG StatusNotifier Specification: Feedback Invited

On Wed, 2010-01-13 at 21:03 -0500, Dan Winship wrote:
> On 01/13/2010 02:52 PM, Ted Gould wrote:
> > Basically our goal is to clean up the current systray and provide a 
> > consistent means of interacting with applications that choose to put 
> > items in there.  This means choosing a middle ground where we provide 
> > enough flexibility for applications to do something interesting while 
> > not allowing them to go crazy.  The middle ground we chose is a menu.
> What are you planning to do with NetworkManager? That's currently the
> go-craziest of the notification icons, but it's generally pretty *good*
> crazy and it would be hard to implement that functionality with a plain
> text-only menu.
> (And what about the volume indicator? Are you just swapping that back to
> being an applet?)

We don't plan on having everything ported for Lucid, that'd be insane on
more than one level.  We plan on having the notification area still in
the panel for Lucid so that both protocols could be used.  I believe
that KDE is supporting both for a while as well.

Long term, we'd like to be able to support everything that
NetworkManager does.  Honestly, I'd like to see those features get more
available for other apps as I think there's some really good ideas in
the NetworkManager menu.  First round, we're only supporting the basic
menu items in GTK: check, radio and image.  I'm pretty busy with just
that :)

I forgot to mention it in my original mail, but we did set up a mailing
list [1] to discuss the menuing issues.  I imagine we'll be discussing a
next set of menuitems to implement there shortly.



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