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On Mon, 22.02.10 09:13, Tomasz Torcz (tomek pipebreaker pl) wrote:

> > > I hate unneeded redundancy so I'll just ask you to read the home page:
> > >
> > 
> >  pbor pointed out on IRC that I didn't really have a nice description
> > on the homepage so I corrected that. Please check it out if you didn't
> > understand what rygel is all about. :)
>   From reading description, it seems to me that Rygel would be better
> suited as system service. Just like for example mt-daapd (which seem
> to have the same purpose as Rygel but for DAAP). How does it fit GNOME?

I strongly disagree. Sharing user files should be a job for user
processes. Why? First of all, the directory is called ~/Music, not
/srv/music. You certainly don't want to have all this permission madness
that you need to deal with if you run a file server like that as a
system service. User file sharing should live in the user session.

Also, look at the examples of bluetooth/obex and gnome-user-share.

I think one should carefully distuingish between desktop file sharing
and server file sharing. By desktop file sharing I mean file sharing
enabled and configured by a normal user, who has a local account, and
wants to quickly share files from within his active session. And as such
this kind of file sharing should also run under his user ID, and follow
his own access permissions (and that is actually the most important

UPnP A/V is certainly not a protocol datacenters will depend on, it is
simply something that is handy on a peer-to-peer network of user
desktops. And due to that the "desktop file sharing" model is generally
more applicable to it then the "server file sharing" model.

The only drawback of running file sharing services like this inside the
normal user session is of course that files are not shared when the user
isn't logged in. But that is something we need to fix in the bigger
picture. We should not blame Rygel for the fact that there is no real
infrastructure for running user daemons outside of a session. But I am
sure this can and will be fixed eventually.


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