Module Proposal: Rygel

What is it?

I hate unneeded redundancy so I'll just ask you to read the home page:

Target: desktop


* internal:
    * glib
    * gio
    * libuuid
    * libsoup
    * dbus-glib
* external:
    * vala
    * gupnp-vala
    * gupnp
    * gupnp-av
    * gstreamer
    * libgee
    * libuuid
    * sqlite3

  The first 2 are only required if you build from git but not from dist.

Resource usage: GNOME:

Adoption & GNOME-ness, community:

  * Rygel is already readily available in two major distributions:
Debian and Fedora.
  * PulseAudio & gnome-dvb-daemon use Rygel's external plugin
interface to expose media hierarchies on the (DLNA) network.
  *  Rygel has pretty good integration with Tracker.
  * More gnome app integration is planned and in progress (currently
working on Rhythmbox plugin) .
  * Since Rygel uses a lot less resources than some competitor
projects, it's fits very nicely in GNOME Mobile picture and is readily
installable on Nokia N900. The target is to even make it integral part
of future Maemo..err.. Meego devices.
  * We try to use the core GNOME (and other mainstream free) software
to its max rather than re-inventing the wheels and hence work closely
with developers of the dependencies and even contributing to the
projects. For example, Arun Raghavan has recently been working closely
with Edward Harvey on gst-convenience project to make sure it
satisfies Rygel's needs.
  * Last but not the least, Bastien  actually uses Rygel to watch
movies on his PS3. :)

3.0 readiness: I think so! The only specific & relevant thing i find
on ThreePointTwenty wiki is " GObject introspection". Since the
project is mainly written in Vala, we are supposed to get GIR bindings
for free and we have every intention of using that to enable plugin
development in languages other than Vala and C.

License: LGPL v2


Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
FSF member#5124

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