Re: Module Proposal: Rygel

>  Not really. Can the user share his directories if the system-wide
> deamon is not running? Sure, if the user has admin privileges she is
> asked for the authentication and is able to start samba daemon but we
> can't assume each user has the admin rights.
Well, there always external system-level requirements. X Server
running, HAL daemon running, DBUS service running. So, asking for
samba to be running does not look excessive, if you want to share
directories, does it?;)

>  That is because you seem to be keen on admin intervention while I am
> keen on each user to be as free (from admin) as possible. :)
I do not really care about admin intervention, honestly. I just prefer
to have a single server process on my system, regardless of the number
of users. Also, there are always bad questions "what happens if user
logs out - or disabled by the admins" etc etc.

>  Because it's Rygel that starts the communication being the client.
> Also if we go the route you are recommending, each such application
> will present user configuration in it's own UI and there will be no
> centralized place for user to control his DLNA (media sharing &
> playback) preferences.
Well, you definitely know more details than I do, so I am not in
position to argue. I can just _suspect_ that defining proper
system-leve DBUS "server-type" interface could allow rhythmbox, totem
etc provide their collections - and user to "filter" (somewhere in
g-c-c) the collections he really wants to share. But these are just my
vague ideas, they can be nonsense from your experienced POV.

>  I don't think I alone can answer these questions and in this case I
> shouldn't say anything being biased. :)
I see:) I wonder, perhaps other gnome gurus around here could explain
their vision?...


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