Re: Module Proposal: Rygel

>  From reading description, it seems to me that Rygel would be better
> suited as system service. Just like for example mt-daapd (which seem
> to have the same purpose as Rygel but for DAAP). How does it fit GNOME?
Absolutely correct point! Folks, when did you decided that GNOME is
for PCs only ("personal computers", in the worst of all possible
interpretations - computer for one single user)? That is ok for
tablets, smartphones etc - but not for general purpose desktop.

If some computer provides media collection through UPnP/DAAP, it
should do it as a system-level service, just like mt-daapd (even
though it can be flexible enough to accomodate per-user dirs, just
like apache or smb).



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