Re: It's Release Notes time!


> Do we have a plan?  Has the Release Team documented this anywhere?  I
> can't write about it if I don't know about it.  :)

Such a plan would probably not be worth the paper it is written on. Sure,
there will be 2.32.x releases until GNOME 3.0 is released but I doubt that
any module maintainer will have time to do anything afterwards. If patches
accumulate in bugzilla, people might make other release but that's not
much more than bringing distro patches upstream.

Note also that the LTS releases of distributions all use 2.30.x anyway and
it's very unlikely that they update to 2.32.x.

Overall, the non-OpenGL parts will have 3.0 releases so these people
aren't required to run GNOME 2.32 but can switch to 3.0 instead (without
much 3.0 feeling though...)


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