Re: It's Release Notes time!

Last 2.x release, but not last 2.32.y release? I'd assume accumulated
bugfixes would just warrant another few micro releases, as they always
have done.

However we want to handle it, I think we should be clear in the release
notes that we have a plan in place for managing releasing ongoing
support for GNOME 2.x, at least for a reasonable period of time.
People reading our release notes should be assured that if their distro
ends up providing only GNOME 2.x for a while, that we will continue to
support them.

We want to avoid distros patching GNOME 2.32 and not providing those
patch fixes upstream, for example.  If we give the impression that
there will be no more releases, distros might not let us know about
bugs or fixes they have.

Also, it's hard to predict the future, so making proclamations about
the last release only beg contradiction later on.  Perhaps we could
word it in a way that highlights that we do not have any future planned
releases, but avoid proclaiming that we will never do something.


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