Any examples of complex gconf -> gsettings data conversion

What's the best practice for complex gconf -> gsettings data conversion.
I know about gsettings-data-convert, but in the case of gnome-keyring we
want to combine the content of two keys.

When I tried to code this manually the following questions came up, and
I figured someone may have already figured some of this out:

 * When to run migration? In main app process on startup, or is it
   better in a helper binary?
 * Does such an app keep a dependency on gconf?
 * Keeping track of migrated data.
 * How can we detect if a key already exists in gsettings in
   order not to overwrite it? I don't see an g_settings_* API for this.
 * I know about g_setenv ("GSETTINGS_BACKEND", ...), but how does
   an app switch back to the default backend?



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