Re: Platform

On Mon, 2009-05-18 at 22:39 +0300, Stefan Kost wrote:
> Shaun McCance schrieb:
> > Avahi -- Service discovery.  This is used in quite a few
> > places.  I know some people in the past had talked about
> > having a simple wrapper in GLib.  How much do we push it?
> > 
> Now that apple has closed the whole bonjour stack,

Huh? Bonjour (or Rendezvous as it used to be called) was BSD licensed,
but it doesn't matter to us as we have our own stack in Avahi.

Citation needed here.

>  I would prefer to build on
> upnp.

UPNP is overly complicated for service discovery.

>  We have gupnp, which is actively developed and fitting nicely here.

mDNS as a service discovery tool is much better than UPNP, and the tools
are more mature.

You might be confusing mDNS and service discovery with the protocols
implemented on top of it. We want to use both UPNP and mDNS for
interoperability purposes, but I don't see the point in re-coding mDNS
applications to use UPNP instead.

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