Re: Trying a new toolbar style

On 29 Jul 2009, at 15:47, Karl Lattimer wrote:

Calum, is there any chance you can provide a copy of Sun's findings WRT to this reversion? It would of course be useful to understand the actual
reasoning made.

The evidence was largely anecdotal, but some of it is captured in this bug report:

Basically the problem was that several applications (I don't recall which ones, off-hand) weren't setting the is-important property on any toolbar buttons at all, so the user just saw a row of icons. And to compound the problem, often none of the buttons had tooltips either. (Yes, I should have filed more bugs upstream at the time; I suck.)

IIRC Glade's toolbar editor never used to allow developers to set either of these properties for any given toolbar button, which didn't help. I don't know if that's changed in the past six months or so -- if not, it would be good to make it a priority (assuming it's technically possible), especially if we go ahead with the proposed change.

I also proposed a GNOME Goal last year to make sure apps were all working sensibly with text-beside-icons mode, but as yet it hasn't been adopted: <>


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