Re: Trying a new toolbar style

Thomas Wood wrote:
> We've had a discussion on gnomecc list about removing the "Interface"
> tab from the appearance capplet (see discussion¹ in the archive for
> reasoning).

How will we enable 'Editable menu shortcut keys'?

> However, before we do so, we would like to ensure the the defaults are
> correct. The main reason for the tab being there at all is because
> people felt the defaults are probably incorrect.
> The main default we would like to change is the "toolbar style"
> settings. I have suggested¹ that there is broad support for the "text
> beside icons" style, however there have been concerns that not all
> applications implement it properly. It is important to note that in this
> mode, only the most important toolbar items get text labels.

I've been using this style by default, and it works well with almost all
applications. I remember having problems with meld, but it has it's own
custom setting for toolbar style.



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