Re: GNOME and non-linux platforms (release team please stand up)

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 6:17 PM, David Zeuthen<david fubar dk> wrote:
>> If you guys working on DeviceKit-* are willing to have different
>> backends, then that sounds fine.  It's not a complete answer, but it
>> fills in the massive gap that removing HAL left.  If not, then we have
>> to think about the story GNOME is going to tell here.
> We might but it's a lot of work. It is probably worth it.

I think that's what the people involved in this thread want basically
is just some guidance, i.e. a yes or no here.

> [lots of case by case examples]

I agree with this.

> So all in all, this is basically proposing shifting more responsibility
> to the OS vendor. e.g. it would make it more difficult to get GNOME
> working out of the box unless you are willing to ship the latest bits.
> I, for one, think that is a *good* thing. Either you swim or you sink.

I agree here too, just with the caveat that it is probably a good idea
if we accept it as a bug if the desktop core (i.e.
gnome-session+beyond) totally falls apart if you don't have one of the
DeviceKit-* running.

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