Re: GNOME and non-linux platforms (release team please stand up)

On Wed, 2009-07-22 at 17:07 -0400, David Zeuthen wrote:
>  2. We need to actually have some documentation telling app developers
>     _what_ the core platform is. We have some of this already but,
>     at least in my eyes, there's still too many libraries of varying
>     quality.
> For 2., my view is very simple. 
>  a. Our platform is GLib, GTK+ and GStreamer (and probably cool things
>     like Clutter when it's 1.0)
>  b. Everything in the core platform _needs_ to work on all three major
>     platforms:
>     - POSIX/X11
>     - Windows
>     - OS X
>  c. Additional desktop integration is welcome (e.g. DeviceKit-disks
>     based volume monitor) but things need to work without it

We have the document.  But it's getting old, and I'm having
trouble updating it because I can't ascertain what our core
platform is.  GLib, GTK+, and GStreamer sounds really nice
and clean, but looking at what people are actually using,
and at some of the hot stuff that's happening, I don't think
that's ever going to cut it.

I send an email to d-d-l in May asking for feedback from the
community on exactly this:

There was a small but healthy thread, and I got the impression
that perfect consensus would be difficult to reach.


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