Re: (Partial) GNOME 3 status update

2009/7/22 Lennart Poettering <mztabzr 0pointer de>:
> On Wed, 15.07.09 04:46, Brian Cameron (Brian Cameron Sun COM) wrote:
>>> Why don't we remove gst-mixer, vu-meter, gnome-cd and cddb-slave2
>>> completely from gnome media 2.27. People that want to keep on building
>>> them can use the 2.26 branch
>> PulseAudio doesn't provide as much value on Solaris since
>> OSSv4 provides mixing functionalities directly in the OSS layer.
> Haha!

That was very helpful Lennart, thanks, I'm now much more aware on how
PA is better than OSSv4 on Solaris thanks to your detailed and
respectful answer :-)

*Hint*: I do want an explanation to that laugh

> Lennart
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